Multiple Financing Options
Under One Roof

We offer a wide spectrum of custom financing options for developers and purchase groups tailored to the type and stage of each project.

Projects Financed by Ruby Capital

Comprehensive Construction Loans

Leveraging our extensive business and financing experience, we provide senior construction loans, sales policies and performance guarantees tailored to the developer’s needs.

Our flexible solutions also seamlessly adapt to various aspects of the project, including progress of construction and sales as well as early repayment.

Our Financing Process

Initial Developer Inquiry
Review, Feasibility Check & Proposal
Ruby Capital Credit Committee Approval
Institutional Partner Credit Committee Approval
Contract Signature

Pre-Permit Financing for Urban Renewal Projects

Getting a loan for urban renewal projects often proves difficult. The complex asset ownership structure and the lack of real estate collateral are just some of the typical challenges. Often developers must give up equity to cover expenses until they obtain the permit. Our pre-permit loan is designed to create significant equity savings when raising capital.

Subject to the approval of our credit committee, we grant proven developers financing solutions adapted to their needs even before they obtain the construction permit. The loans are secured by various types of collateral, such as surplus liens from other projects, contractual liens of rights in the projects, personal guarantees, and more.

Construction Support for Purchase Groups

This type of customized loan offers purchase groups a quick financing option to commence construction.

These loans are secured by a first mortgage and the projects are supervised through all phases.

Collateral-Backed Financing Solutions for Developers & Purchase Groups

We offer developers and purchase groups a variety of bridge loans for their changing needs throughout the entire development project: from the land purchase phase, through the planning procedures and property improvements, to later stages in the project’s life cycle.

This type of financing allows developers to diversify their equity over a larger number of projects, increasing their return on equity and optimizing the cash flow at their disposal. The mezzanine loan stands in a subordinate position to that of the bank. The loan repayment date is flexible; it is determined by the progress of the project and the date on which the senior lender releases the project cash proceeds.

With this type of loan developers have more leeway in utilizing and diversifying their resources and a more flexible repayment date. Developers can take out the loan at any stage of the project, subject to a progress review and the approval of the senior lender. The loan itself is granted prior to the date the senior lender releases the projected surplus.

These loans are geared towards developers who hold inventory and are interested in selling it at later stages, either because sales prices have significantly gone up since the initial assessment or because they expect a pending increase in value. This type of loan is granted at the end of the project, when construction is complete, and the project is ready for occupancy.