Forging Ahead

Ruby Capital has rapidly become a leading one-stop shop for flexible financing solutions designed to support every stage of a real estate project.

We collaborate with proven developers and partner with Israel’s leading banks and insurance companies as well as with private investors. Our extensive global and local real estate and business experience have helped us gain in-depth industry expertise and a stellar reputation in the Israeli marketplace.

While pleased with our achievements to date, we continue to forge ahead, collaborating with our investors, developers, and partners to further innovate and grow our joint success.

Credit and Investment Committees

Our business activities are approved and overseen by professional credit and investment committees.

Committee members include notable Israeli business leaders who meet on a regular basis to ensure that our underwriting processes are carried out meticulously, and transaction approvals meet the most rigorous standards of quality and security.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community in which we live and thrive is an integral part of our corporate culture and day-to-day operations. In 2021, a team of volunteers including staff and management members founded “Panim LaKehila”, a company-wide charitable program.

As part of the program, Ruby Capital makes contributions to several charitable organizations located in neighborhoods and cities in which Ruby Capital is active. We also schedule special volunteer days to support the local communities in person.

A dedicated, professional in-house team has been charged with carefully selecting the organizations and properly allocating our resources. In parallel we encourage the respective developer with whom we collaborate in those locations to join the effort.

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Andrew has many years of experience in the trade, financing and marketing of commodities and raw materials in the global market. He also has vast experience in initiating and founding businesses and leading them to growth and commercial success.

Born in New York, Andrew holds a BA in Economics with honors from the State University of New York, as well as an MBA with honors from New York University (NYU)

Gerson was a partner and CEO  of an international boutique metals trading company with multiple offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Throughout his tenure, he led the company to significant growth and commercial success.

Gerson served in senior positions in various high-tech companies in Israel, a number of which had successful exits.

Gerson has a BA in Economics and Political Science from Yeshiva University.

Ilan is a partner and co-founder of Ruby Ventures, an international investment firm.

He has been a real estate developer, investor and financier, active in both North America and Israel, for over 25 years.

Ilan received his BA in Philosophy and History from Yeshiva University. He received his MS degree in Real Estate Investment and Development from New York University (NYU).


Gadi Horn has extensive experience in senior management roles. Prior to joining Ruby Capital, Gadi served as the CFO of DHL Express Israel. Previously, he served as CFO of Alon Blue Square, and as Deputy CEO and CFO of  Hachsharat Hayishuv Hotels. 

Gadi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Business Economics from Bar Ilan University, and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Mickey Berger has over 25 years of banking and finance experience. He held multiple roles at Bank Hapoalim, both in Israel and in the United States, focusing on real estate financing, risk management and credit financing.

Berger holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from Bar Ilan University, a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University. He is also a licensed investment consultant.

Omer specializes in financing projects and complex financing of real assets. He has previously been involved in raising debt and capital for real estate, infrastructure and energy activities in Israel and abroad, amounting to billions of shekels.

An accountant by profession, Omer served in the past as CFO of City People, and performed financial analysis and project management at BDO Ziv Haft

Yaakov has 22 years of experience in the fields of real estate development and finance. Among his many achievements, Yaakov was responsible for establishing the real estate debt division at Harel Insurance where he managed an investment volume of over ILS 34 billion.

In addition, Yaakov served in various management positions in the Israeli finance world, including managing the real estate finance sector at Bank Otzar and holding various management positions in the HaMizrachi group. Yaakov received a BA in finance.


Yuval Rodrig brings with him rich experience in both the equity and debt field. Prior to joining Ruby Capital, he worked in KPMG’s finance department and then in the finance and investment banking department at Giza-Singer-Even. As part of his experience, he has accompanied a large number of significant transactions in various fields – real estate, hotels, medical, technology and finance.

Yuval, an accountant by education, holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and economics and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), both from Tel Aviv University.

Hagit has 18 years of experience in management positions in the worlds of finance, real estate, operations and IT, which she gained during her work at Union Bank of Israel.

Before joining Ruby Capital, Hagit held a series of positions, including as director of real estate in the business division and as head of staff and operations in the retail and Consulting division.

Hagit holds a bachelor’s degree in logistics and economics from Bar Ilan University.

Ariel Edelstein is a certified CPA. Prior to his arrival at Ruby Capital, he served as VP of Business Development and Marketing at Avney Derech Group.

He started his career at Earnest & Young in the real estate department over 13 years ago. He thereafter joined Eldar Group and Metropolis in senior management positions.

At Ruby Capital, Ariel manages all of the company’s equity and investment activities in the Sapir Fund.

Shahar is the head of Ruby Capital’s legal department. Prior to joining Ruby Capital, Shahar was a partner at the Weksler Bregman & Co. law firm.

Shahar acted as a legal advisor to leading companies and has extensive, diverse experience in the field of commercial and corporate law, including in complex M&A transactions (local and international) of significant scope.

He also held business development roles in the firm, including building a marketing and HR infrastructure, and more. Shahar has a bachelor’s degree in law as well as a bachelor’s degree in economics with a specialization in finance. He is a member of the Israeli Bar Association.

Jessica has extensive experience in financing and financial management, which she acquired during the 13 years she worked as an accountant at Global Factoring, a subsidiary of Isracard. Earlier, Jessica held various positions at The Phoenix, a financial, insurance and investment company, and at the accounting firm, BDO.

Jessica is a certified CPA, with a master’s degree in accounting from Bar Ilan University.

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