Ruby Capital

Real Estate Financing & Investments

Our Business

A leader in innovative financing and entrepreneurship in the Israeli real estate sector, we offer customized financing solutions for multiple asset classes and project types across every phase of the development process.

Collaborating with seasoned developers, we establish successful partnerships and help drive growth.

Our Edge

We aim to fuse creativity, flexibility, and entrepreneurial spirit – common hallmarks of a thriving private company – with the financial and industrial know-how often found at leading financial institutions.

It is this unique combination along with our team’s pursuit of excellence, that helped cement our premier position in the local real estate industry.

Our Team

Our team is made up of trusted local and international real estate and finance experts.

Seasoned professionals and top performers in their fields, our team members are also committed to fostering empathy, integrity, and transparency in all their business relationships.

  • 3000
    Housing Units
  • 20
  • 8
    Assets Under Management
  • 1.5
    Loans Funded
  • 100
    Developers & Partners
  • Financial Stability

    Strong financial backing by both accredited private investors and leading Israeli financial institutions
  • Flexibility and Creativity

    Innovative financing solutions adapted to Israel’s dynamic real estate sector
  • Efficiency and Competence

    Streamlined transaction approval and signing processes
  • Client Orientation

    Focus on individual developer needs and comprehensive support throughout the project
  • Stellar Reputation

    Trusted household name as one of the leading real estate financing firms
  • Integrity and Transparency

    Uncompromising commitment to transparency and integrity

Real Estate Financing Solutions

Ruby Capital partners with hundreds of developers across multiple asset classes, project types, deal structures, and at various stages of development.

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Financing Solutions

Ruby Sapphire: A Silent, Value-Add, Preferred Equity Partner

Founded by Ruby Capital, the Sapphire preferred equity fund is the company’s first foray into equity investment opportunities. Via Sapphire, we act as a silent, value-add equity investment partner in select real estate projects.

In addition to providing the equity capital required for the project, we put our business and financial experience as well as our network of connections at the developer’s disposal to further strengthen the joint venture relationship.

Preferred Equity Opportunities